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Coming Trainings 2014:


The Edvina SIP Masterclass v2.0 :

  • Oxford, UK, April 7-11, 2014 (with Telespeak)
  • Miami, FL, USA, May 5-9, 2014 (With USA Voip)
  • Malaga, Spain, June 30 – July 4,  2014 (with Avanzada 7)




Public class or an adapted in-house training for your group?

trainingWe have trained students in Asterisk, Voip and TCP/IP for many years. Edvina started the Asterisk training classes 10 years ago, trainings that Digium later continued. We have a lot of training material to adapt to your needs. These standard classes are offered by us and our training partners:

  • The Asterisk Masterclass – The real Asterisk kickoff event – from nothing to a complete PBX in five days! This class used to be named “Asterisk Bootcamp“, but since there are many companies offering very different products with the same name, we changed the name of our training.
  • newsipmasterclass-largeThe  new SIP Masterclass – A five day class focused on Kamailio in a SIP network. The class assumes that you have knowledge about Asterisk (or FreeSwitch, Yate or similar solutions) compared with the Asterisk Bootcamps. It is the perfect training for those who want to explore how to set up a PBX in a SIP infrastructure with SIP proxies, SIP-aware firewalls and SIP services. This class covers both the SIP protocol and OpenSER/Kamailio.
  • The Kamailio Masterclass – A five day class focused on Kamailio, produced in cooperation with Asipto. A class that quickly takes you up to speed on SIP and Kamailio. The class covers configuration, installation, proxy services, SIP trunking, presence and some advanced features.
  • SIP Update 2014 - A three day class that updates you on Kamailio and SIP!

Inhouse trainings

We also offer inhouse trainings, tailormade to your specifications. Examples:

  • Software integration with Asterisk: A class for developers that wants to integrate their application to Asterisk. Starting with Asterisk architecture, configuration and installation the class moves on to development interfaces – AMI (manager), AGI and external IVR.
  • Introduction to SIP – learning how SIP works, including transfers, presence, video and much more. By using Open Source tools students examine the protocol and get a deep understanding of the SIP realtime platform.
  • We can also take parts of our existing training materials and combine into new classes, tailor made for your group.

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Just finished the class here in Orlando and we met people from Peru, Columbia, USA and Canada. It was a nice gathering and everybody left with strong feeling of satisfaction.

I never had installed Kamailio (OpenSER) before and we had the guts of a carrier-class architecture worked-out and prototyped in one day.

Seldom does a class gives you a career boost of such magnitude. Merci beaucoup to Daniel and Olle for caring to share their incredible knowledge.

Francois D. Menard, Project Manager, Xit Telecom Inc – April 2008

The Asterisk Masterclass: The most complete Asterisk training offered!

The “Asterisk Masterclass” training class starts with installation and covers the most common features in Asterisk: Integration with the PSTN, the IAX2 and SIP channels for VoIP telephony and how to build a dial plan with applications like follow-me, voicemail, conferencing and call queues. dCAP - Digium Certified Asterisk ProfessionalAfter the training, there will be a Digium Certified Asterisk Professional, dCAP certification for those that wants to take this test – but it requires more experience that you get in one week of training to get it.

The Edvina SIP Masterclass v2.0: One week, all about SIP and Kamailio – the SIP express router!

The Edvina SIP Masterclass starts where the advanced Asterisk trainings ends. One week of Kamailio, the SIP standards and building SIP network with Kamailio – the open source SIP server. This class assumes knowledge of Asterisk or FreeSwitch and Linux.


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