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The SIP Protocol and IPv6

The SIP protocol was created at a time when IPv6 was already a few years old. Therefore, the SIP protocol has built in IPv6 support from start. One of the large groups behind the SIP protocol, the 3GPP, was working very early with SIP over IPv6. Because of the lack of implementations of IPv6 in […]

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SIPv6: Living in a dual stack world

SIP and IPv6 on an IPv6-only network is very much like running SIP on an IPv4-only network. The SIP v2 protocol was designed for IPv6 and it has been in the specification from the very start. The problem starts with devices and servers that live in both worlds and have two stacks with connections to […]

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SIP & IPv6

Unified Communication ties people together across boundaries. One of these boundaries will be the IPv4 and the IPv6 Internet. The SIP industry has a responsibility to make sure that this transition works seamlessly and that our customers get products and services that will continue to work as the IPv6-only part of the Internet starts growing […]

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Introduction has been active in software development, software distribution, consulting, trainings and conferences since 1987. All the time, the keyword “open” has been our sign – open networking, open standards and open source. Projects – building customized platforms As consultants, we work with many different kinds of VoIP and IM projects with a focus on […]

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