Corporate facts

developmentEdvina builds customized platforms for realtime Internet communication. By using open standards for communication, based on the TCP/IP protocol suite defined by the IETF, we believe that our customers get long-term solutions that interoperates with current and future solutions. The best implementations of these protocols are often made by Open Source projects, which is why we are active in many projects and contribute as active members.

trainingEdvina works with training, development and systems integration. We often build our solutions in tight partnership with our customers, and work with their team to build their knowledge and to make them able to receive and manage the systems as we move on to new projects.

consultingWe favour long-term partnerships and are founders of the Open Unified Communication Alliance – a network of companies working with the same tools and technologies. By working together, we build better solutions for our customers, regardless of location, business and in-house platforms.

In addition we contribute back – being active in the IETF, the Internet Engineering Task Force, contributing code to Open Source projects and participating in conferences and organisations. We have an extensive partner network to work with in projects.

Our vision is named Open Unified Communication – learn more about it!

Edvina in short:

  • The Edvina group was founded in 1987
  • During 1989-1996, Edvina distributed TCP/IP software for Windows- and DOS based PCs in Sweden and Norway
  • Since 1996, Edvina AB is a knowledge company focusing on TCP/IP applications, with realtim communication as WebRTC, VoIP and IM/Presence as our focus.
  • We have worked with Asterisk and Kamailio/SIP express router (and cousins) since the year 2000. During 2008, we added ejabberd to our portfolio of supported products.
  • We have customers all over the world
  • Owner is Olle E. Johansson
  • The company is based in Sollentuna, Sweden