Training classes

Public class or an adapted in-house training for your group?

trainingWe have trained students in Kamailio, Asterisk, Voip and TCP/IP for many years. Edvina started the Asterisk training classes over 15 years ago, trainings that Digium later continued. We have a lot of training material to adapt to your needs. These standard classes are offered by us and our training partners:

  •  The  SIP Masterclass :: 1. SIP & Kamailio – A five day class focused on Kamailio in a SIP network. The class assumes that you have knowledge about Asterisk (or FreeSwitch, Yate or similar solutions) compared with the Asterisk Bootcamps. It is the perfect training for those who want to explore how to set up a PBX in a SIP infrastructure with SIP proxies, SIP-aware firewalls and SIP services. This class covers both the SIP protocol and Kamailio – the Open Source SIP Server.
  • sipmasterclass2-smallThe SIP Masterclass :: 2. Mastering Kamailio – a four day class focused on Kamailio. This is the perfect class for persons that have been working with Kamailio in a basic setup for a while, but want to learn more about what Kamailio can do to scale. The agenda includes WebRTC connectivity, SIP trunking, security and much more.

Inhouse trainings

We also offer inhouse trainings, tailor made to your specifications. Examples:

  • Software integration with Asterisk: A class for developers that wants to integrate their application to Asterisk. Starting with Asterisk architecture, configuration and installation the class moves on to development interfaces – AMI (manager), AGI and external IVR.
  • Introduction to SIP – learning how SIP works, including transfers, presence, video and much more. By using Open Source tools students examine the protocol and get a deep understanding of the SIP realtime platform.
  • Advanced Kamailio Labs – Learning the details on Kamailio platform building – with modules like dispatcher, dialplan, permissions as well as TLS security.
  • Introduction to TLS & PKI – Transport Layer Security is the foundation for a lot of Internet and network security. This class goes through how TLS and PKI systems work, how DANE (DNSsec) verification works and have many examples and labs.
  • We can also take parts of our existing training materials and combine into new classes, tailor made for your group.

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Just finished the class here in Orlando and we met people from Peru, Columbia, USA and Canada. It was a nice gathering and everybody left with strong feeling of satisfaction.

I never had installed Kamailio (OpenSER) before and we had the guts of a carrier-class architecture worked-out and prototyped in one day.

Seldom does a class gives you a career boost of such magnitude. Merci beaucoup to Daniel and Olle for caring to share their incredible knowledge.

Francois D. Menard, Project Manager, Xit Telecom Inc – April 2008

The SIP Masterclass :: 1. Sip and Kamailio
– One week, all about SIP and Kamailio – the SIP express router!

The SIP Masterclass  step 1 starts where the advanced Asterisk trainings ends. One week of Kamailio, the SIP standards and building SIP network with Kamailio – the open source SIP server. This class assumes knowledge of Asterisk or FreeSwitch and Linux.