developmentEdvina builds customized platforms based on a number of our components. By using Open Source components as core building blocks, we not only keep costs under control, but also get a high degree of control of our platforms. With a global network of partner companies and engineers in the open source communities, we can deliver solutions that fit your needs and manage the whole project.

Interfacing with your team

In most of our projects, we work with the customers team and gradually hand over the platform. We train your employees in both technologies and software, we interactively test systems as they grow and we document as much as possible.

Open projects using open tools

During the project, our customers can follow development in our project management platform, the Open Source Trac project server. It combines a wiki with a bug tracker and version control in a way that fits our way of working very well. In combination with using our own tools, IP telephony, Instant messaging, presence and e-mail, we have a project platform that integrates our team members with your project members in a way that’s proven to work.

Development using modern tools

We are used to develop with containers, CI-tool chains, Ansible provisioning and other modern tools. In addition, we work with network and system management integrated in the process in order to be able to manage both development, testing and production platforms