Introduction has been active in software development, software distribution, consulting, trainings and conferences since 1987. All the time, the keyword “open” has been our sign – open networking, open standards and open source.

Projects – building customized platforms

consultingAs consultants, we work with many different kinds of Realtime – VoIP and IM projects – as well as IoT platforms with a focus on Open Standards and Open Source. We have a lot of experience in working with Asterisk®, Kamailio and other tools on Linux and Freebsd systems. From small corporate solutions to large-scale carrier or public sector platforms. Edvina was founded in 1987 and has worked in many areas of TCP/IP networking, including directory services, information systems and security.

Projects we’ve been involved with include

  • Installation, configuration and custom development and documentation of Asterisk – the Open Source PBX
  • Training – both in standards as well as applications, including Kamailio, SIP Express Router and Asterisk
  • SIP Training and mentoring development teams
  • XMPP/Jabber installations and development
  • VoIP Architectures for service providers
  • IP based radio contribution platforms, using SIP for a national public radio company
  • Launching an Open Source project for a customer
  • Large scale SIP PBX services for Universities
  • Scalability, failover and load balancing for SIP infrastructures
  • Security Audit of VoIP infrastructures for carriers and enterprises
  • Failover and security platforms for VoIP systems
  • Network security and architecture for door control systems
  • Platforms for handling of emergency calls and alarms
  • Asterisk on embedded systems – routers, door phones
  • TLS and security for IoT projects
  • IPv6 introduction, deployment and training

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Products and toolkits

productsDuring more than 15 years of working with Asterisk and Kamailio, we have built many toolkits that we often use when building solutions. We have scripts and configurations that are easy to tailor for your needs, scripts to install Asterisk and Kamailio with failover between servers, synchronization of data and management of call load. All of them run on top of our specialised Linux based platform.

Adapting Asterisk® and Kamailio to your needs

developmentWe do custom development of platforms. In many cases, we work with a development team within the customer’s organisation, training them and mentoring them during the project. For Asterisk, the Open Source PBX, we do custom development of new functionality – regardless if it’s about SIP functionality, AMI development interfaces or other functions in the PBX. Olle E. Johansson, the CEO and founder of Edvina, has been an active Asterisk developer for many years and have contributed in many areas of Asterisk. He is also active in the Kamailio project with documentation, as well as many additions to modules, including major additions to the SNMPstats module and architecting the http_client module.

Learning SIP, WebRTC, Asterisk, Kamailio in our Realtime Communication training classes

trainingWe do trainings in Europe, South America and the US in SIP, Asterisk and Kamailio. Trainings can be both open classes together with partners  or in-house trainings with your team. We started the Asterisk Bootcamps that Digium took over, as well as wrote the first set of dCAP exams. Edvina has over 20 years of experience of TCP/IP-related trainings, from core TCP/IP networking, PKI/TLS/SSL security to SIP and specific products like Asterisk, OpenSER and Kamailio.

Events – conferences and interoperability testing

eventsSince 1997 we’ve been running a large amount of conferences, either on our own or in partnership with others. The topics has varied from LDAP, IPv6 to 24/7 server operation and Internet Security. Together with Sokol & Associates in the US, we founded the primary Asterisk user event – the Astricon conferences, now operated by Digium. During 2010, Edvina organized SIPit26 in cooperation with TANDBERG and the SIP Forum. SIPit is the international test event for all SIP development teams. Our founder, Olle E. Johansson, talks on many conferences, on topics ranging from Network Security,  Realtime Communication, VoIP and Asterisk to presence and instant messaging. In 2013 Olle got the best speaker award in the Spanish conference Voip2day.
You can see his slides at

Edvina is also organizing a series of Meetups in the technology area in Stockholm. The TCP/IP Geeks Stockholm, #MeraKrypto and WebRTC Stockholm Groups are all groups that Edvina started. #MeraKrypto was started in partnership with SNUS, Sunet, ISOC-SE and DFRI.