Open Unified Stuff

Open Unified Communication: Applications

When building our own Open Unified Communication platform we have a large list of applications we use on the server side to deliver the services we need in the platform. It is very important that the core protocols, in our case SIP and XMPP/Jabber, have proper implementations. In addition, the services needs to be running at all times. Building with failover, redundancy and scalability is a requirement in all our solutions and that makes it important to choose the proper applications and install them in a way that follows our requirements.

Kamailio – the Open Source SIP Server

Kamailio is the primary Open Source SIP server in our realtime network. We have used Kamailio for many years, starting with SER many years ago. Kamailio is used as a SIP proxy, SIP registrar/location server, load balancing server, SIP trunk server and SIP Presence server.

Asterisk – The Open Source PBX

Asterisk is a media server built around a modular multiprotocol architecture. It has well defined development interfaces and an enourmous extensibility. With capability to bridge between old telephony interfaces, like E1 and ISDN, to modern VoIP protocols and presence systems, like SIP and XMPP, Asterisk is a leading telephony server. As developers in the project, we have leading experts and developers of Asterisk in our team. We have contributed a large amount of new functionality and documentation to Asterisk and are partners with Digium, the main Asterisk sponsor, since many years.

The foundations – Linux and FreeBSD systems

We base our platforms on Linux and FreeBSD systems and have worked with these for many years. In addition, we have large experience of system and network security, integration with directory services as well as 3rd party systems. Network and systems management integration with Nagios, SNMP and other tools are integrated in our solutions.