Open Unified Stuff

Open Unified Communication Components

Our platforms build upon the work of giants. By using standard open source platforms, our customers not only get stable, secure and scalable software, they also get the results of the work of thousands of developers world-wide, all working together to improve and support the software. Edvina participates in many open source projects, with Asterisk being the core of what we do and participate in.

  • Asterisk – the Open Source PBX. Edvina’s Olle E. Johansson has been a developer in the Asterisk project for many years. Olle started the Asterisk bootcamp trainings, created the dCAP certification and is a co-founder of Astricon – the leading Asterisk conference. Asterisk has been a core component of all our platforms.
  • Kamailio – the Open Source SIP Server. Kamailio is a SIP server based on the SIP-router platform. It runs in thousands of installations worldwide, from small offices and routers to carrier platforms that host millions of users. Kamailio is the heart of many of our platforms, handling audio, video, instant messaging and presence.
  • Linux is a base of much of our work. We build scalable platforms with failover and redundancy based on Linux and open source tools.