Kamailio/SIP Router Masterclass

Target attendees

  • Administrators of VoIP/Internet Telephony systems using SER-family of SIP Servers: Kamailio, SIP Express Router or other variants
  • People looking to create or use cost effective Internet Telephony solutions
  • Network operators needing to scale up their SIP infrastructure


  • Daniel-Constantin Mierla – co-founder of Kamailio (OpenSER) project in 2005, currently core-developer and member of project’s management board
  • Olle Johansson – SIP expert, trainer and consultant. Founder of Edvina.net, Asterisk developer

Kamailio (formerly OpenSER), now at release v3.2, is an open source SIP server, awarded Best of Open Source Networking Software 2009 by InfoWorld magazine, used world wide in VoIP platforms servicing millions of active subscribers and routing billions of call minutes per month. Starting with version 3.0 (highlights), you can use mixed features and modules from Kamailio (OpenSER) and SIP Express Router (SER) in the same configuration file.

The course targets system administrators and people that act in large VoIP/telephony network services, as well as integrators of VoIP, instant messaging and presence with web 2.0 or similar technologies.

Learning to configure the SIP server is not easy, but is the key for a successful and secure  VoIP business. The flexibility of SIP routing engine allows you to implement in no time innovative services, IP telephony, Instant Messaging, Presence and beyond. Asterisk comes to complete with rich media services and applications. Doing everything designed right and scalable saves time and money.

We create the opportunity for you, guided by experienced instructors, to learn how to build an Unified Communication platform from scratch using the SIP server engine and Asterisk.


  • learn from people deeply involved in these technologies – the ones that have driven the projects to become successful – founders and core developers of OpenSER, Kamailio, SIP Express Router and Asterisk
  • experienced teachers – Daniel-Constantin Mierla and Olle E. Johansson have by now a long collaboration relationship in providing VoIP and SIP related courses. The expertise they accumulated helps to adapt to the needs of students without losing the substance of the course.
  • entire network infrastructure at your hands – the lab is fully equipped by us. You don’t need to worry you would screw up something, students have the freedom to use preferred Linux distribution, install tools they feel comfortable with. Some highlights:
  • you get access to: dozens of servers, SIP phones, network switches and hubs. It is very rare when somebody gets access to such testbed and it is in the company of other experienced people. It is very easy to simulate heavy traffic, large deployments and failover scenarios
  • you can plug your devices in the network, therefore you have the chance to test and integrate it in a SIP platform during the course
  • focus on quality – we provide to students everything is needed for the course so they can use the time strictly to learning, labs and testing. The price of the course is set by the quality of the content.
  • usable results – the labs are planned carefully so you just keep adding new features as you learn to a SIP platform that can be used in real world. It is not a mosaic listing functionalities and snippets of configuration file. The Friday is the buffer zone and allocates lot of time to build a scalable SIP platform, with redundancy and failover, that includes the features you have learned about during the previous days.
  • team work – the class works as a team. Labs are discussed and planned together, students will group to design and implement components, supervised by teachers.
  • open discussions – the course is structured to allow breaks for coffee, cookies, beverages and open discussions, time that can be used to talk about specific needs or technologies
  • networking – not ultimately, the SIP Router Masterclass is a networking opportunity. You will meet there people with expertise in different areas of interest, sharing the experience and learning about various tools may easy your job, give new ideas and enrich your knowledge

Time: The training starts at 10:00 AM on Monday and ends 3:00 PM on Friday. Tuesday to Thursday class start 9:00 AM and ends 5:00 PM.