In-house trainings for your team

In-house trainings, delivered at your site, can be the most effective way to bring a team of people up to speed quickly. You provide training facility with network connections for everyone, computers, projector, whiteboard and food. We deliver trainings materials and teacher. We can run the ordinary classes, but more frequently we mix between different materials.

Training examples:

  • Software integration with Asterisk: A class for developers that wants to integrate their application to Asterisk. Starting with Asterisk architecture, configuration and installation the class moves on to development interfaces – AMI (manager), AGI and external IVR.
  • Introduction to SIP – learning how SIP works, including transfers, presence, video and much more. By using Open Source tools students examine the protocol and get a deep understanding of the SIP realtime platform.
  • Asterisk and SIP security – An overview of various solutions that exist for security in SIP and how to secure your Asterisk installation.
  • Asterisk SIP in depth – learning more about the Asterisk SIP implementation. What features does it have, how can you manage it, configure it and test it? From blinking lamps to SIP trunking.
  • Building large scale SIP architectures with Asterisk and Kamailio – how to build a scalable SIP solution with the leading Open Source platforms. Going from the very basics to advanced levels.

We have done this many times in Europe and in the US with businesses ranging from carriers and universities to Call Center platform developers. Contact us today for pricing and an open discussion!