dCAP: Digium Certified Asterisk Professional

dCAP Digium Certified Asterisk ProfessionaldCAP, Digium Certified Asterisk Professional, is a verification of your knowledge of Asterisk. The certification covers a specific released, stable version of Asterisk. The current dCAP exam covers Version 1.6.x of Asterisk with some additional questions for new versions.

[*]dCAP Benefits and Features

dCAP membership includes priority accesss to Digium technical support, co-marketing opportunities, a listing on the Digium web site as a certified Asterisk professional, the right to use the Digium and dCAP logos on your web site, and more. Unlike many “paper” certifications, dCAP provides members with valuable services while providing customers with assurance that their Asterisk consultant is fully qualified.

[*]The Exam: 150 Questions + Practical Lab

The dCAP test consists of a practical lab exam in which you are asked to configure a PBX according to a given specification, and a web-based “written” exam with over 150 questions about Asterisk and Asterisk-related technology. To pass the web exam, you need to correctly answer 75% of the questions. Successful candidates will then be granted the dCAP title for the version of Asterisk associated with the test.

[*]dCAP Certification At Edvina.net

The dCAP examination will be offered on the final day of each “Asterisk Bootcamp” session. The testing and enrollment costs an additional fee per candidate. Candidates will be given two opportunities to take the exam (at subsequent events) in the event that they do not pass. If space is available the test will be offered to non-students who wish to qualify for dCAP status. Please contact Edvina.net training regarding open testing slots at training events.

If you attend the training with no prior experience of working with Asterisk, the dCAP examination will be hard to pass. You might want to wait to another dCAP examination so you can work with Asterisk a bit more before taking the exam.

[*]dCAP Certification At Other Events

Candidates will be able to take the exam at other Digium/Asterisk events. Asterisk users who wish to sit for the exam without attending training may sign up for testing opportunities at the Asterisk pavillion at VON, and at other events as announced by Digium or Edvina.net. Update exams (for future releases of Asterisk) will also be available at Edvina.net.