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What’s Happening with SIP and IPv6?

At the recent Netnod Spring Meeting Olle E. Johansson from Edvina was invited to talk about his work with dual stacks in SIP. The talk was very personal and covered the progress, or lack of progress, in the IETF and the work done in the SIP Forum IPv6 working group. The work started when Olle […]

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IPv6 Ripeness – Sweden is lagging behind

RIPE, the European IP registry, does regular measurements on the “IPv6 ripeness” of all the Local Internet Registries in Europe. A LIR is typically an Internet Service Provider or a large company that acts as their own Internet provider, maybe to get multihoming solutions for their services. In Sweden, Ripe shows that 52% of the […]

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SIPv6 :: Overview of RFCs and drafts

Version 2011-03-08 This document is – and will propably be for a long time – work in progress. There’s a lot of drafts and RFCs that cover IPv6 and SIP – and a few that focus on solutions for handling the migration and dual stack issues. We need to be able to set up sessions […]

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The SIP Protocol and IPv6

The SIP protocol was created at a time when IPv6 was already a few years old. Therefore, the SIP protocol has built in IPv6 support from start. One of the large groups behind the SIP protocol, the 3GPP, was working very early with SIP over IPv6. Because of the lack of implementations of IPv6 in […]

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SIPv6: Living in a dual stack world

SIP and IPv6 on an IPv6-only network is very much like running SIP on an IPv4-only network. The SIP v2 protocol was designed for IPv6 and it has been in the specification from the very start. The problem starts with devices and servers that live in both worlds and have two stacks with connections to […]

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