Edvx – The Edvina PBX

edvX - Edvinas core PBX based on AsteriskEDVx is Edvina’s version of Asterisk – the Open Source PBX. Due to the number of patches we’ve created for Asterisk 1.4 and 1.8, we maintain our own code base, where the various patches are merged and supported. All the code is available either in later versions of Asterisk – the Open Source version – or available in development branches on svn.asterisk.org.

The 1.4 version has a large number of patches merged:

  • Pinetree – the ability to match SIP peers beyond a SIP proxy
  • Pinefrog – improved RTCP support in Asterisk
  • SIP Max forwards support in sip.conf
  • CLI command “SIP show chanstats”
  • CLI commands “SIP show settings”, “core show settings”
  • Functional SIP outbound proxy support
  • Res_mutestream – the ability to mute audio in a call
  • Custom devstate and extension state dialplan functions
  • Asterisk DB over MySQL realtime
  • Improvements to PGSQL CDR module
  • Realtime LDAP support
  • Tonezone support per device/trunk ┬áin sip.conf
  • Cancel because answered elsewhere signalling support in dial() and queue()
  • Bridged call-ID support in the dialplan
  • Mini voicemail application
  • SIP to: header support in dial strings
  • Externip support per device in sip.conf
  • QUEUE_EXISTS dialplan function
  • SYSINFO() dialplan function
  • AMI_CLIENT dialplan function
  • Context support for manager commands
  • Many new AMI events and actions

…and many more functions. EDVx is available as a subscription service to Edvina customers and is delivered with a GPL v2 license. Edvx is used in over 500 Asterisk servers all over Europe, in large volume as well as complex servers.