EdvRemote – the remote office survivability server

edvremoteEdvina Remote Office server is the solution for handling phones in offices without a local PBX. Connecting to a remote PBX in another office or a hosted Centrex-style PBX service over the Internet through this server gives local survivability with a PSTN gateway, as well as improved network security compared with a standard Asterisk installation.


  • When the PBX fails or is unreachable, local calling still works
  • When the PBX is unreachable, failover to a local PSTN gateway (an ATA-style adapter) will give continued PSTN access
  • Adaptive Denial-of-service attack prevention
  • Access control with white- and black lists
  • SIP trunk failover – using primary and secondary trunks

This server works with both proprietary PBX systems as well as popular Open Source servers like Asterisk and FreeSwitch. It is based on the Open Source SIP server Kamailio. 

EdvRemote overview


  • Based on Centos Linux 6, a standard Linux installation
  • IPtables firewall with dynamic filters
  • Support for NAT traversal
  • Gives full SIP compatibility with SIP over UDP, TCP and TLS
  • Continuos server status checking
  • Standard SNMP agent support, as well as Nagios/Icinga monitoring

The server is available from Edvina to OEMs and service providers.
For customer inquiries, please contact Infinity IT, Dublin, Ireland at info@infinityit.ie.