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Realtime Radio – using SIP in Radio Broadcast

Edvina has built a custom platform based on the EBU Audio Contribution over IP standards. The platform is used for live broadcast from where the action is – in stadiums, on the road, from events outside the radio house. Using mobile, Internet, satellite and other IP-based connections the journalists can broadcast from anywhere, anytime. Edvina’s […]

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TLS-O-MATIC :: Test your applications!

Edvina yesterday evening launched the TLS-O-MATIC test site for applications. For many years, Olle E. Johansson has been operating a TLS-O-MATIC for SIP applications at the SIPit event organised¬†by the SIP forum. The new TLS-O-MATIC is a public service launches with more than 15 tests for the HTTPS protocol. Tests for SIP will be added […]

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#MoreCrypto: Working together for a safer Internet

The IETF recently met in London, UK, to spend a week focusing on improving the Internet protocols, the foundation for everything that is communicated over the wires of the Internet. ¬†At a recent meeting, the IETF – an open group of technicians – concluded that the pervasive monitoring discovered last year is to be seen […]

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The hidden secret of TCP/IP – and how it affects your PBX

Olle E. Johansson, founder of Edvina, delivered a talk called “The Hidden Secret of TCP/IP – and How it affects your PBX” at the Voip2day + Elastixworld 2012 conference in Madrid, Sept 25th. The talk describes the background for the SIP2012 project and what needs to change in order to get back on track with […]

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SIP 2012 :: ICE – finding the best media path between two phones

Edvina continues the work to define a new SIP reference profile, updated to fit current networks and implementations. SIP 2.0 is over 10 years old and the RFC does no longer cover enough to fit the needs of the enterprise. Networking has changed and much has been added to SIP by the IETF in cooperation […]

September 22, 2012 | Posted by oej | Filed Under IPv6, SIP, SIP2012

SIP2012 :: Redefining SIP

Edvina today launched SIP2012 – a project to try to redefine SIP in the eyes of all customers to our industry. We need to go beyond the 10-year old RFC and use all the solutions developed by the IETF and the SIP Forum during 10 years of SIP version 2.0. We’re not defining SIP 3.0 […]

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New blog by Edvina:

Edvina has started a new blog in order to guide people in the wild forest of IPv6 and inspire readers to spend 30 minutes every Friday to learn more about IPv6. The idea is not to write a new complete IPv6 guide or start a new encyclopedia. There are many existing web sites out there […]

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Kamailio/SER 10 years old

The Open Source SIP server Kamailio/SIP express router turns 10 in September. Register today for the jubilee conference on September 2nd, 2011, in Berlin – where it all started.

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SIPit26 – organized by Edvina and Tandberg, Stockholm May 17 to May 21

Edvina and Tandberg are the hosts of SIPit26, to be in Kista, north of Stockholm in May. The event is also sponsored by Ingate, Intertex, Telio, Snom and the Swedish Internet foundation .SE. In addition to the tests, there will be short tutorials about TLS and SIP, DNSsec and IPv6. Registration is open – check […]

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