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The Edvina SIP Masterclass v2.0 in Malaga, Spain – July 8-12, 2013

The Edvina SIP Masterclass is the best introduction to Kamailio – the Open Source SIP server – and the SIP protocol that you can get. Register today to spend one week with Olle E. Johansson, having fun with SIP, learning Kamailio in well-prepared labs and brainstorming about new realtime communication solutions. The class is in […]

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World IPv6 Launch is today!

Today is the World IPv6 Launch. This means that thousands of web sites across the world will enable IPv6 access and keep it on. It’s an important start of a change that will mean that IPv6 will be just normal work and hopefully integrated into all projects. At Edvina, we will from now on integrate […]

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Edvina AB co-founds IPv6-forum Sweden

Edvina AB is founding member of the Swedish IPv6 Forum. -“IPv6 is the only way forward for the Internet. IPv6 enables global growth while keeping the current architecture of the net. It is not only a matter of technology, it’s a matter of an Open Internet for everyone. It’s a matter of keeping the Internet […]

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New blog by Edvina:

Edvina has started a new blog in order to guide people in the wild forest of IPv6 and inspire readers to spend 30 minutes every Friday to learn more about IPv6. The idea is not to write a new complete IPv6 guide or start a new encyclopedia. There are many existing web sites out there […]

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Edvina participates in SIPit 29

Edvina will participate in SIPit in Monaco in October 2011. SIPit has been running for 15 years, testing the IETF SIP realtime communication framework. SIPit is a place for developers, both commercial and Open Source, to meet and test implementations of old and new features in the SIP standards.

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Edvina SIP Masterclass in Oxford, UK – November 2011

Learn from the master: The Edvina SIP Masterclass is a five day training that ┬ácovers how to build scalable solutions with Asterisk, Kamailio and the SIP protocol, will be held November 7-11 outside Oxford in the UK. It’s a unique opportunity to spend one week with Olle E. Johansson – it’s the second public class […]

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New presentation by OEJ: Watch out – the Sip world is changing!

Last week Olle talked at the Vopi2day conference in Madrid, organized by Avanzada7. The talk, named “Watch out!” covers new areas developed in SIP, but not implemented in many devices or servers out there. Solutions for NAT traversal, PSTN trunk registration and new work with the real time web is covered, along with a small […]

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OEJ in Argentina – 4K Conference in Buenos Aires!

Edvina’s founder and CEO, Olle E. Johansson, is going to do training and deliver a talk at the 4K conference in Buenos Aires. Trainings will be November 28-30, the Conference takes place December 1st to 2nd. – “I really look forward to meeting the Open Source Communication community in Latin America!” says Olle. “I’ve never […]

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Let’s start the World IPv6 Year!

Today was the World IPv6 Day. A huge worldwide event for content providers to test dual stack access to their web servers. In Sweden, we organized a technichal IPv6 conference today, with many good talks. So far, it seems like nothing happened. Which means that we can simply say “Don’t panic” to content providers. Making […]

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IT-center awarded for Portuguese University project

IT-center, one of our partners in the Open Unified Communication Alliance has been awarded the Digium Innovation Award 2010 at Astricon in Washington DC this year. Congratulations! Digium writes: “The 2010 Digium Innovation Award is ITCenter, located in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal. Since 2003, ITCenter has differentiated itself by specializing in innovative solutions based […]

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