New blog by Edvina:

Spend 30 minutes with IPv6 each Friday!Edvina has started a new blog in order to guide people in the wild forest of IPv6 and inspire readers to spend 30 minutes every Friday to learn more about IPv6. The idea is not to write a new complete IPv6 guide or start a new encyclopedia. There are many existing web sites out there with lots of good information about IPv6. Edvina’s just wants to inspire readers to learn more and focus on a particular IPv6-related topic. The short article is followed by links to other sites where the reader can get deeper information and spend some time to explore the IPv6 universe.

The founder of Edvina, Olle E. Johansson, has written a blog entry on his personal blog to explain how this started and the ideas behind the new project. Olle says:

IPv6 is the future of the Internet. It’s required for the Internet to grow. It’s required for the Internet to be for everyone on the planet. It’s needed for true peer-to-peer applications. We do need it to stop spending time on NAT traversal in SIP and focus on more important issues – like how SIP can become competitive to Skype and FaceTime and the architecture and requirements for a global open Internet-based federation for realtime communication. 30 minutes a week isn’t too much of your valuable time. It’s an investment for the future that will help both yourself in your personal career and the organization your work for. See you next Friday!

Please join the ride, follow the flow and spend at least 30 minutes on IPv6 every Friday. Learn more, lab and join the discussion. In addition to the blog, there’s a Twitter accountFacebook page and a Google plus page


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