#MoreCrypto: Working together for a safer Internet

The IETF recently met in London, UK, to spend a week focusing on improving the Internet protocols, the foundation for everything that is communicated over the wires of the Internet.  At a recent meeting, the IETF – an open group of technicians – concluded that the pervasive monitoring discovered last year is to be seen as an attack on the Internet infrastructure. The net needs to be stronger and harder to monitor. We need to protect the privacy needs of the users. 

TLS is a way to protect application to server communication – use it!

There is a lot of work going on to make it easier to set up VPN connections, to make all applications more secure and to enhance privacy. A small step forward is to turn on encryption in more sessions than we do know. You can easily require TLS – Transport Layer Security – protection of your communication with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more sites. If you are providing a service, it’s not hard to turn on TLS for all sessions. We need more crypto on the net.

Learn more about #MoreCrypto – watch the presentation!

Edvina’s CEO Olle E. Johansson has compiled a small slide deck called “#MoreCrypto” to inspire discussion. The Internet Society Deploy 360 programme has started a new sub-programme for TLS in applications and in their blog referred to Olle’s presentation. Watch it here and join the discussion using the hash tag “#MoreCrypto”.


#MoreCrypto from Olle E Johansson


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