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SIP 2012 :: ICE – finding the best media path between two phones

Edvina continues the work to define a new SIP reference profile, updated to fit current networks and implementations. SIP 2.0 is over 10 years old and the RFC does no longer cover enough to fit the needs of the enterprise. Networking has changed and much has been added to SIP by the IETF in cooperation […]

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SIP 2012 :: ICE – Interactive Connectivity Establishment

Goal: To find the best media path for Alice and Bob Since SIP was created NAT traversal has been an issue. With the migration to IPv6 we get many devices with dual stack support, which is a similar problem. The SIP call setup needs to involve a procedure to find the best media path across […]

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The Edvina SIP Update Class :: A one-day update on SIP 2012, realtime communication, SIP and Kamailio

The SIP Update Class:: Upgrade yourself! This is a class that is aimed to upgrade you in the world of realtime IP communications with SIP and the Kamailio SIP server. Regardless if you use Kamailio today or not, it’s an upgrade for everyone! The SIP protocol version 2 turned 10 years this summer. Many implementations […]

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The new Edvina SIP Masterclass – Stockholm and Miami this fall!

Edvina today launches a new training class, based on years of experience of inhouse and public classes in SIP, Asterisk and Kamailio/OpenSER. The new class focuses on the SIP protocol and the Kamailio Open Source SIP server. By combining lessons on the core SIP standard with the Kamailio implementation and labs, the students will learn […]

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The SIP Masterclass :: 1. SIP and Kamailio

Learning SIP and Kamailio during four days of intensive labs and lessons – an extensive training class! Four days of labs and lessons In Madrid, Spain February 20-23, 2017 Learn Kamailio – the Open Source SIP server – from start! Understand the SIP protocol – methods, URIs, extensions and more   Open Source SIP tools are changing the […]

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SIP 2012 :: SIP Outbound NAT traversal

When SIP was created 10 years ago the result – in the implementations – was a UDP-based protocol that did not handle NAT very well. During the years, many proposals have been written on how to solve this. NAT servers are not easy to work around and they way they translate IP addresses and port […]

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SIP 2012: Let’s define a new SIP reference profile

SIP v2.0 was defined ten years ago, in June 2002. After that, the IETF has defined a number of additions that add to the Open Realtime Communication Framework – SIP. It’s time to define a new reference profile to raise the bar for SIP vendors and developers. The customers are the only one that can […]

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Is SIP the new WebRTC infrastructure?

SIP celebrates 10 years this summer. When it was created, it was created to become the new infrastructure for Internet-wide realtime communication and collaboration. Based on domains, like e-mail, SIP was built for the Internet. But neither the Internet nor corporate networks was ready for it. Many problems was discovered, like NAT traversal, firewall handling […]

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Realtime communication security

Here’s a presentation that gives an overview of the issues with realtime communication security by Olle E. Johansson. It shows clearly issues that needs to be addressed without going down to protocol details.   Realtime communication security – SIP, XMPP and others View more presentations from Olle E Johansson Tags: realtime, security, sip

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SIP Security

In theory, there’s a lot of solutions. In practice – too few working examples In the IETF SIP framework, there is a lot of different solutions for building more secure communication solutions. Whether you just want protection on the local area WiFi network in the hotel or a secure call, there are mechanisms that can […]

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