Edvina SIP Trainings in Argentina

At the 4K conference in Buenos Aires, Edvina’s Olle E. Johansson will run two trainings. It’s a unique opportunity to learn more about SIP and scalable networks with Kamailio and Asterisk from one of the leading developers and Open Source SIP solution architects!

Introduction to SIP

SIP, the Session Initiation Protocol, is a generic protocol to manage multimedia sessions over IP networks. It is used by phones and servers from many vendors as well as many Open Source applications. This class goes through the details of SIP from basics to advanced functions like SIP transfers, SIP subscriptions, routing and forking.

– SIP Core functions
– Dialogs and transactions
– Routing SIP
– Telephones and Services
– SIP proxys, SBCs and B2BUAs
– SIP transfers

Securing SIP, Kamailio and Asterisk

SIP networks are often connected to the Internet. We’ve seen more and more attacks of various kinds on these systems. This one-day class goes through SIP security as well as how to make your Asterisk and Kamailio installations more secure.

– SIP security overview
– SIP and TLS
– SIP authentication
– Secure RTP (encryption)
– Asterisk security introduction
– Dialplan considerations
– Device configurations
– Logging
– Kamailio security overview

Learn more about the 4K Conference and register here!


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