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The Kamailio Introduction Class

Learning SIP and Kamailio during four days of intensive labs and lessons – get a head start! Four days of labs and lessons In Madrid, January 9-12 2017 Learn Kamailio – the Open Source SIP server – from start! Understand the SIP protocol – methods, URIs, extensions and more   Open Source SIP tools as well as browser-based […]

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Want to learn Kamailio? Join us in Miami, FL, after Easter!

March 28th we’re running the SIP Masterclass in Miami, Florida with our partner USA-VOIP. This is an updated version of the class, now including an introduction to SIP over WebRTC. Spend one week with Olle E. Johansson and learn more about the SIP protocol, get an introduction to Kamailio with tutorials and interactive labs! The […]

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Learn Kamailio in Barcelona – June 29 – July 3rd

Want to learn Kamailio? Register today for the Edvina SIP Masterclass in Sitges near Barcelona this summer! This year, we’re outside of Barcelona in the city of Sitges.  This is the basic class that go through both SIP and Kamailio – in theory and with many labs. All you need is a laptop with a Linux […]

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Launching the new SIP Masterclass 2 – Mastering Kamailio

Come to Stockholm, Sweden April 7-20, 2015 for the very first “Mastering Kamailio” class! After more than 10 years of running the SIP Masterclass we had too much material and too many ideas to fit into five days of training. Students attending our SIP Masterclass got a chock when seeing the material – over 1000 […]

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SIP Masterclass :: 2. Mastering Kamailio

The SIP masterclass 2 :: Mastering Kamailio  follows up on the previous SIP Masterclasses and the Edvina SIP Masterclass ::  1. SIP and Kamailio. Update on Kamailio Labs on an advanced level WebRTC gateways API integration – restful application integration This class will be focused on Kamailio in a large SIP service network. With a […]

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Looking for Kamailio training? Come to Malaga in July!

The Edvina SIP Masterclass is the best introduction to Kamailio – the Open Source SIP server – and the SIP protocol that you can get! Register today to spend one week with Olle E. Johansson, having fun with SIP, learning Kamailio in well-prepared labs and brainstorming about new realtime communication solutions like WebRTC and how […]

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Spring schedule for the Edvina Masterclass – learn SIP and Kamailio!

The Edvina SIP Masterclass is a training that teaches you Kamailio and the SIP protocol from a beginner’s level. You want to have some experience of VoIP and Linux, but you don’t need any experience of running Kamailio – the Open Source SIP Server. The spring trainings are in Oxford UK in April with our […]

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Edvina and Avanzada 7 offers grants for SIP Masterclass in Malaga

The next Edvina SIP Masterclass featuring Kamailio and SIP will take place the first week of July in Malaga, Spain. One week of labs, lessons and interaction with other people working with realtime communication will be a boost to your career, and give you insights into how you build scalable infrastructure platforms for SIP communication. […]

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Stay up to date with Kamailio and SIP – Register for the SIP Update today!

Edvina launches a new training class for all students of the Asterisk SIP Masterclass and the new Edvina SIP Masterclass – the SIP Update 2013! This new class will update you on the latest features in the coming Kamailio 4.0 as well as some new features in the SIP family of protocols – like MSRP, […]

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SIP update with Kamailio Labs – Update yourself!

Time to update yourself on SIP and Kamailio! If you’ve been using OpenSER, SER or Kamailio for a long time without updating yourself on the new features, it’s about time you update yourself. In this 3-day class, you get an update on new features in Kamailio, time to lab together with other SIP engineers and […]

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