Edvina participates in SIPit 29

Edvina will participate in SIPit in Monaco in October 2011. SIPit has been running for 15 years, testing the IETF SIP realtime communication framework. SIPit is a place for developers, both commercial and Open Source, to meet and test implementations of old and new features in the SIP standards.

Edvina will participate with the focus to test SIP security standards and IPv6 implementations. During previous SIPit events, we have built test servers, the TLS-test-o-matic and IPv6-test-o-matic, for automated tests. We have also been participating in the group tests, evaluating various test setups and improving upon them.

-“SIPit is the place to be for everyone that develops SIP products. During our first few SIPits, we found and fixed hundreds of bugs in the Asterisk SIP implementation.” says Olle E. Johansson, CEO of Edvina and Asterisk developer. “In 2010, Edvina organized SIPit 26 in Stockholm Sweden together with Tandberg and .SE. Interoperability has been a key word in our business since 1987 and is now more important than ever, as we see proprietary solutions that lock customers into single-vendor solutions, like Skype and Microsoft Lync.”

Interoperability doesn’t happen by itself. Customers need to require it and developers need to test it. SIPit is important for everyone in the VoIP business. It improves products and standards, highlighting issues that need to be fixed in IETF’s documents as well as implementation errors. SIPit is organized twice a year by the SIP Forum in partnership with different hosts. SIPit in Monaco is hosted by ETSI.


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