Edvina SIP Masterclass in Oxford, UK – November 2011

Olle E. JohanssonLearn from the master: The Edvina SIP Masterclass is a five day training that ¬†covers how to build scalable solutions with Asterisk, Kamailio and the SIP protocol, will be held November 7-11 outside Oxford in the UK. It’s a unique opportunity to spend one week with Olle E. Johansson – it’s the second public class this year in Europe! Olle is an engaging teacher that has years of experience in both teaching and developing large scale platforms for all kinds of environments, from carriers to universities, call centers and enterprises. He has over 20 years of experience in TCP/IP networking with Unix systems and have been teaching in a wide range of topics – from basic networking to PKI/TLS solutions, LDAP and during the last years, VoIP technologies and applications.

Understand the SIP architecture: The class gives a overview of the SIP core protocol in order to understand the IETF realtime communication framework and be able to build scalable multi-application platforms with SIP. Understanding the protocol is important not only for your architecture, but also for debugging and testing new functions.

Covers the major applications: The five day  Edvina SIP Masterclass is focused on Kamailio and Asterisk in a SIP network. The class assumes that you have knowledge about Asterisk compared with the Asterisk MasterClass. It is the perfect training for those who want to explore how to set up Asterisk in a SIP infrastructure with SIP proxies, SIP-aware firewalls and SIP services. While this class covers both Asterisk and Kamailio, it starts from previous knowledge in Asterisk and no knowledge about Kamailio. During the class, you get an introduction to the Kamailio SIP proxy and the basic operation of this advanced carrier class scalable SIP server.

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