Spring schedule for the Edvina Masterclass – learn SIP and Kamailio!

newsipmasterclass-largeThe Edvina SIP Masterclass is a training that teaches you Kamailio and the SIP protocol from a beginner’s level. You want to have some experience of VoIP and Linux, but you don’t need any experience of running Kamailio – the Open Source SIP Server.

The spring trainings are in Oxford UK in April with our training partner Telespeak, in Miami, FL, USA in May with our new training partner USA Voip and in Malaga, Spain in July with our long-term partner Avanzada 7. In addition we are running in-house trainings where we customise the class for your needs.

Contact us today for more information!

Learn SIP and Kamailio in Miami this December!

newsipmasterclassThe Edvina SIP Masterclass is the best introduction to Kamailio – the Open Source SIP server – and the SIP protocol that you can get. Register today to spend one week with Olle E. Johansson, having fun with SIP, learning Kamailio in well-prepared labs and brainstorming about new realtime communication solutions. The class is in sunny Miami, easy to reach from all over Europe and the USA, organized in cooperation with  Edvina’s long-term partner Avanzada 7.  Seats are limited in this popular class!

This class is built for persons that have used the PBX-class tools like AsteriskYate and FreeSwitch and wants to learn how to scale and add new applications like presense and instant messaging to their solution. The class will spend a lot of time on the SIP standards, then move on to how to implement them using Kamailio – the Open Source SIP server – in combination with other tools. After the class, you will not only know how to operate Kamailio – you will also have a lot of knowledge about how the SIP standard works, what to expect from devices and how to troubleshoot your realtime network.

If you’ve used a SIP PBX – this is the next step!

This class is for users of Asterisk and FreeSwitch that wants to learn how to build larger, scalable and open SIP networks with Kamailio – the Open Source SIP server. The class interactively teaches you SIP and Kamailio, building a platform step by step. When you leave the class, you should know much more about how SIP works and how Kamailio can scale your existing solution or be the new platform for a Unified Communication network.

Read more about the class and learn about the details in our product page!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info (at) edvina.net or call our office. The class is held in the offices of Redfone.

Stay tuned – we’re working on the agenda for trainings this fall

Right now is a good time to give us feedback on your training needs for this fall. We’re always offering inhouse trainings, we we bring up your team to higher levels of SIP, Kamailio or Asterisk understanding – maybe while working on an architeceture for an improved or new plattform. In addition, we’re offering trainings together with partners like TeleSpeak in the UK, Elastix Mexico, Avanzada 7 in Spain, Gonicus in Germany, Connection Telecom in South Africa and Redfone in Miami, USA. 

newsipmasterclass-largeThe main classes are the Edvina SIP Masterclass and the SIP Update Class that both covers Kamailio and the SIP protocol. For inhouse trainings we have a lot of Asterisk training material – both for admins and 3rd party developers. Many in-house trainings are covering the SIP protocol or related areas of TCP/IP – like security with TLS/PKI solutions, directory services and much more.

The Avanzada 7/Edvina SIP Masterclass in Malaga, Spain in July 2013 is soon fully booked  – we have a few seats left for late bookers. There will be two short trainings in Mexico City in October – something you can combine with a visit to Elastixworld 2013! We’re also pondering classes in the USA and Sweden. What would fit you best? Give us feedback on e-mail – info (at) edvina.net!


Edvina and Elastix Mexico will launch trainings at Elastix World 2013!

ew2013-logoEdvina and Elastix Mexico will run two training classes at Elastix World 2013 in Mexico City, October this year. The details are being worked on at this moment, but these are the current proposals. The trainings will be held by Olle E. Johansson, Asterisk and Kamailio developer in cooperation with the Elastix development team. 
Make sure you book a full week in Mexico City! 

  • SIP for Elastix users
    This two-day training class will run on Wednesday and Thursday, October 16-17. The class will cover the core of the Session Initiation Protocol and how Asterisk, the engine in Elastix, use it. It will also cover SIP security – how to protect your servers from bad guys and how to avoid the mistakes that makes your server vulnerable. 
  • Kamailio for Elastix users
    This is a one-day class and labs where you will get a feeling for how to install, run and configure Kamailio and how it works with your Elastix system. Bring your laptop and spend one day with Olle E. Johansson and a core member of the Elastix team and build scalable, secure solutions with the two leading Open Source VoIP platforms!

More information will come shortly on the Elastix World web site. Stay tuned and book your trip to Mexico City now!

Edvina and Avanzada 7 offers grants for SIP Masterclass in Malaga

newsipmasterclassThe next Edvina SIP Masterclass featuring Kamailio and SIP will take place the first week of July in Malaga, Spain. One week of labs, lessons and interaction with other people working with realtime communication will be a boost to your career, and give you insights into how you build scalable infrastructure platforms for SIP communication.

It’s a lot of fun and a great learning experience for everyone. But not everyone that needs it can afford participating, which is why we are offering a SIP Masterclass Grant programme this year.

Since there are hard times with a high rate of unemployment in Southern Europe, Edvina and Avanzada 7 has decided to open up a grant for a free seat in the class. To apply for this, you have to be unemployed and have previous experience with realtime communication – using Asterisk or FreeSwitch or maybe even OpenSER or Kamailio. Edvina and Avanzada 7 will make the decision about who gets the opportunity to participate for free. You will have to pay travel and your stay, we will give you a no-cost participation in this class.

– “Getting involved in Open Source changed my life about ten years ago.” says Olle E. Johansson, teacher and the CEO of Edvina. “I used my last resources to participate in a voice over IP conference in the US. There I met Steve Sokol and Mark Spencer.  Together we built a lot of activities around Asterisk – the Astricon conference, the trainings and quite a lot of code during the years. With Open Source you get contacts all over the world and new opportunities both locally and globally. I hope that offering a free training seat can change the life of someone currently out of work.”


  • Apply by writing a document about yourself and your experiences. Motivate why you want the free seat.
  • You have to be unemployed and live in the EU area
  • Write the document in Spanish or English
  • Send it to sales@avanzada7.es latest June 15th, 2013
  • We will make our decision June 20th and let you know

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